Authored articles and columns in these magazines

Iris Software owner Chuck Lundgren has years of technical writing and desktop publishing experience. Below are just a few of the writing and publishing projects:

Club Tech Systems Management Tips. Created and edited 110 issues of this biweekly email newsletter. The opt-in subscription-based had, at its peak, nearly 50,000 subscribers. Here's a sample from an early issue.

Club Tech iSeries Programming Tips Newsletter. Edited NEWS/400's first opt-in subscription-based email newsletter, originally named NEWS/400 Tips & Tech Newsletter. Lundgren edited the newsletter for the first couple years of publication, in which it had up to 55,000 subscribers. Here's a sample of an issue.

Street Talk column. Authored iSeries NEWS' back page column for 12 years. Here's a sample from early in the column's history, back in 1991. In reader surveys, Street Talk was rated the most-read and first-read article in the magazine.

A bit of Internet lore: an item largely written by (and credited to) fellow NEWS/400 editor Mel Beckman, appeared in a 1992 Street Talk and was soon copied and distributed, unattributed, through numerous Internet newsgroups and listserves, as well as PC Week, ComputerWorld, and Digital Media magazines, and a computer book by Robin Williams. You can see the original item here.

Solution Spotlight column. Wrote this monthly column for e-Pro Magazine, Selling eSolutions, and iSeres NEWS magazines. Here's a sample of the column.

Penton Technology and Duke Communications magazines. Authored numerous articles and technical tips for System i NEWS (also known as iSeries NEWS, NEWS/400, NEWS 3X/400, NEWS/34), 3X/400 Systems Management, TechExec, Websphere Pro, e-Pro, and Selling eServer Solutions.

User manuals. Authored software user manuals for multiple products: programmer utilities, terminal emulation software, system management utilities, and programming languages.

S/36 Power Tools. Edited 29th Street Press' first book, which was a 750-page monster filled with tips and utilities for IBM's popular (at that time, anyway) S/36 minicomputer.

Printed newsletter production. Produced pamphlets and newsletters for dozens of non-profits and political campaigns.